The Chapel at Davorlim was built in 1883, blessed on 1st May 1884 and was declared open oratory for the faithful of Davorlim, after being dedicated to St. Joseph, the patron of the whole church.

The chapel is said to be built by four prominent villagers, namely Dr. Peregrino da Costa, Mr. Jose Rodrigues, Mr. Pasteur Dias and Mr. Remedios Antonio Rodrigues.

The chapel at that time was a very small  and could not accommodate all the faithful, and therefore in 1943 the small chapel was demolished and a new one was built. However this too proved to be insufficient for the growing catholic population and the serving chaplain.Fr. Agnelo Bonamis took the initiative, and the bairristas with their financial and other contributions built a new and bigger chapel at Davorlim in 1995.

The feast of St. Joseph is celebrated with great solemnity on the 2nd Sunday of May.